“Even I never dreamed of Magic like this!”

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, the king and queen of Troy. Cassandra was the most beautiful of Priam’s daughters, and the god Apollo fell in love with her. Apollo promised Cassandra the gift of prophecy if she would agree to give herself to him. Cassandra accepted Apollo’s gift but then refused his advances. Apollo was furious, but he could not take back the powers he had given her. Instead he cursed her, proclaiming that although she would be able to tell the future accurately, no one would believe her. [x]

mythology meme:  [4/9] deities

↳ Amaterasu-ōmikami

Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神) is a goddess of the sun. Along with her brothers Susanowa the storm god and Tsuki-yomi the moon god, she is tasked with the governing of the Universe; her responsibility is to bring light to the world and thus ensure rice fields’ fertility. It is said that the Japanese imperial family are descendants of Amaterasu. 

mythology meme:  [9/9] deities

↳ Thoth

Thoth (Greek spelling, derived from the Egyptian ḏḥwty) is a god of knowledge, wisdom, and hieroglyphs. He is responsible for the order of the universe, and is sometimes referred to as the keeper of time and seasons. Among other gods, he often assumes the role of mediator, making sure that neither good nor evil gains dominance. He is usually depicted as a man with the head of an ibis.

mythology meme:  [2/3] mythical rulers

↳ alf of denmark and alfhild of geatland

Alfhild was the daughter of the Geatish king Siward; Alf was a Danish prince who wanted her hand in marriage and managed to pass the initial test of strength. Alfhild, however, had no desire to marry him then and there, and fled from home, electing to become a shield-maiden instead. She assembled a fleet of many ships with female crews and raided along the coasts of the Baltic sea. Eventually, Alf caught up with her near the shores of Finland, and she decided to lay down her weapons and go with Alf. 

mythology meme:  [1/3] mythical rulers

↳ king midas of phrygia

Dionysus offered to grant a wish for Midas as a thank you; in his greed and arrogance, the king asked for the power to turn everything he touched into gold. The request was granted, but soon the king realized that this gift was actually a curse – all food, all drink, even the lovely form of his daughter, turned to gold at his touch. He begged the god to take back the gift, and Dionysus told him to bathe in the waters of Pactolus: the river-water would heal everything of the Midas Touch. Midas did so, and afterwards abandoned all his riches to become a worshipper of Pan.

mythology meme:  [1/7] heroes

↳ achilles

The son of sea nymph Thetis and king Peleus, Achilles was predestined for greatness. According to Statius, Thetis dipped her son in the river Styx in an attempt to make him immortal, but since she held him by the heel and thus left it untouched by the water, that small part of his body later became his downfall. Achilles is best known for the part he played in the Trojan War, which Homer described in the Iliad. As to avenge the death of Patroclus, his dearest friend, beloved, and companion, Achilles slay the Trojan hero Hector; the latter swore on his dying breath that his brother Paris will be the death of Achilles. Sometime later, Hector’s brother killed Achilles with a single arrow. In the end, Achilles’s bones were mingled with those of Patroclus, and funeral games were held to honour the greatest of Greek heroes. 

(1/4) Titans » Prometheus

Prometheus (/prəˈmθəs/; Greek: Προμηθεύς, pronounced [promɛːtʰeús], meaning “forethought”)is a Titan who sided with Zeus and the ascending Olympian gods in the vast cosmological struggle against Cronus and the other Titans in Greek mythology. Prometheus was therefore on the conquering side of the cataclysmic war of the Greek gods, called the “Titanomachia”, where Zeus and the Olympian gods ultimately defeated Cronos and the other Titans.

mythology meme:  [3/3] mythical rulers

↳ romulus and remus of alba longa

Twin sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia, they were nursed by a she-wolf as infants and raised by a simple shepherd and his wife. Once they reached adulthood, they helped overthrow the false king of Alba Longa. Rather than press their own claim to the throne, however, they decided to restore the rightful king, and found a new city of their own. A disagreement arose, concerning the location of this new city; the brothers fought and Remus was killed. Romulus founded Rome and brought it glory, but as the years passed he became increasingly autocratic, and in the end either disappeared, ascended to the heavens to become a god in his own right, or was killed by the Senate, depending on the particular version of the myth.

mythology meme:  [5,6/9] deities

↳ Hypnos and Thanatos

Hypnos (Ὕπνος) and Thanatos (Θάνατος) are, respectively, the personifications of sleep and non-violent death; the twin sons of the goddess Nyx, they live in the Underworld, in a place where the rays of the sun and the moon will never touch. Out of the two, Hypnos is said to be the gentler one, although both are ruthless in their own right.


MYTHOLOGY MEME: [1/7] Norse Gods/Goddesses: Hœnir 

The silent god.

Hoenir is a warrior god in Norse mythology. He is sometimes confused with Vili. Hoenir is part of the Aesir. Hoenir and Mimir were hostages in a war between the Aesir and Vanir gods. He was an original Aesir god. Hoenir usually relied on Mimir. Heonir is the god of silence and was lucky enough to survive Ragnarok.



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